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Perhaps you could go more into detail for this story. Why are you reminded of the yellow bow in the opening line? Remember, not everyone knows the significance of those yellow ribbons. Show us how you learned to care more for others as a result of your husband being away. Keep up the writing!
We have several military families in my church and I have learned of the hardships they go through when their husband/wife are not there for them. I too would like to see an expanded version of this story. I'd like to see you tell us of the responsibilities you took on while your husband was away defending our country - maybe some of the fear you felt and how God eased that fear for you. At any rate, you did an excellent job. Keep writing!
Thanks for writing this devotional. It is good for us all to remember the families who are sacrificing by living without their fathers, husbands, etc. Do you have any examples of how people cared for your during your husband's deployment? It would be great if we could "feel" it through your eyes.
God bless you for writing this inspiring devotional. You could make a beautiful story out of it. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

Peace and Grace to you and your family.