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I love the name Lilly, so your title really appealed to me.

I found the situation strange and unlikely, and would have liked some explanation: what kind of job was she applying for? Why did they ask such unusual questions?

You made me think, though: How would I answer such a question? Good job with that.
This was interesting. I would have giggled at those questions, too:) There was one sentence that tripped me up that you need to work on

When since did this matter in applying for a job?)

I hope you got the job! I would have hired you with that answer!
I enjoyed reading this. With the questions they ask on Dr.'s forms these days, nothing surprises me!
Interesting question and I loved the answers. My answer at the end would have been an definite YES!
Good job :-)
Excellent effort. I think that the questions might have be italicized for an easier reading flow. I really enjoyed the set up for the color choice. Your final paragraph was beautifully written. Great work! I hope this does well!