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Very thought provoking. Anger takes many faces. Thanks for the article.
'It is like a cancer eating away. It not only destroys the person that is angry, it also affects all of those whose life they touch' These two lines really spoke to me
In order for such Anger to control you, your life would have to be so self-centered that even, as a Christian, the Holy Spirit would have no freedom to control your thoughts.
One verse in the Bible warns us, “Quench not the Spirit”.
Anger, must act as the fire hose, when applied to the sweet Holy Spirit.
This saidit all...
Thank you for sharing
Yeshua bless
I applaud your effort on this - it was full of emotion and truth. You may want to section your paragraphs and double space between them to make it easier to read. God bless.
I second what Karri said. God bless you and thank you for sharing this.
There is so much beauty in this article. I love that it is Tulle's masked anger that is really being addressed in it. I also love that she recognized the difference between her behavior and truly honoring her husband (hard to do in this case).

Very, very well done. I agree about the spacing comment.
Nice take on the topic and well written.