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wow, i got the chills.
what a powerful realization!
Do all daughters come to this revelation? I know I did, but without the depth you show.
Very nice.
I think this rings true for all of us--when we grow up and realize that our parents were never supposed to be perfect, and that we won't be either. I appreciate the daughter's struggle with allowing herself to be imperfect--because that means she has to forgive her mother's imperfections--very powerful.
Relationships between mothers and daughters are often painful. I know at times my mom and I hurt each other; yet we loved, too. Thanks for your honest article!
Pam Ford Davis
Well written, soul-searching letter that speaks a lot of truth and puts the reader right on the precipice with the MC as to the choices they may or may not make. You have made the MC seem real and thereby having us hope her decisions are the right ones.
I'll never forget the time my daughter sent me a card showing a young woman screaming and pulling at her hair....on the inside of the card it read " I just realized I'm turning into YOU!"

Your story expressed her emotion quite vividly.
Very well written and quite powerful. Nicely done.
Can so relate to this. After 47 years, I'm finally learning to let go of the dream and accept my relationship with my mom for what it is....with no relationship that I've ever wanted. I can feel the pain and questions and so wish my mother wrote a letter wanting more then what we have...even after this many years...I still yearn for it.
I like the way your letter began. It made me wonder what was going on!