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What a beautiful and evocative portrait of depression and of our loving Father God!
A wonderful insight into how our lives touch others...the ripple effect.
Very nice, well done.
God bless ya, littlelight
Beautiful. From someone who has been there before, thank you for writing this.
Lovely! How we all yearn to see His face and yet not until He wills it.
WOW! This is a very powerful piece of writing!
Well crafted and nicely written piece. I enjoyed where you went with this. In my opinion, you don't seem like a beginner writer. Really nice work! :)
You did a good job here getting inside the main character's skin.
Excellent, heart felt piece of writing. A winner in my book:)
Can I just tell you that I needed to read this about now? Sometimes I feel like the girl in paragraphs 3, 4, and 6. I can identify exactly with those feelings! One of my favorite sentences began "The lost girl in the mirror glances at loneliness staring back at her,..." Wow! And then the message of the story!! How many people have I been put on earth to impact, planting, maybe watering the seeds that leads to salvation? Definitely deserves a win!
From someone who has been through depression (and prays to never go through it again) you have really captured what it feels like. Thank you for expressing this in such a vivid, articulate way. And congratulations on a well-deserved win!
Wow. You took my breath away. This is quite an amazing piece of work. Keep it coming and congrats on a righteous win!!!
What a well-deserved win! Congratulations. Thank you for sharing on such a deep level. God will use this story to bless so many people!
Michelle, what a great entrance to FaithWriters and the Challenge! Congratulations on your 8th place in the Editors' Choice Awards as well as your 1st place in the Level 1 Challenge Awards. An excellent achievement for a first time entrant. So now it's time for you to move on up to Level 2. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Sorry about that Michelle, I should say, your "7th Place" in the Editors' Choice. :-)

Love, Deb
Your story kept me spellbound and reading till the end. I was surprised to learn that you are only at level 1.
I've always believed that we Christians 'pay' for our ministries. Only by living through something can we effectively minister to others going through the same thing. For you and the others who have survived depression, you have fields that are ripe for the harvest. A great piece of writing and a tremendous testimony of spiritual renewal.
Michelle, this is a very touching piece! I know this will inspire all who read it.
Hi Michelle. I'm just preparing the new FaithWriters' Anthology and need a short (two to three sentences) bio piece to include in a new section for the book - "Meet Our Authors." The bio notes need to be written in the third person. Could you please send it to me via a Private Message? Thanks so much. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
So well written.... so many souls depending on us staying here until it is time for our passport to be stamped. Well deserved win! Thank you for sharing and putting the focus on the Kingdom and the importanve of being saved, regardless of how we feel.
Hi Michelle. I need to get in touch with you urgently about your winning entry. FaithWriters have not received your release form to allow it to be used in the Journey of Faith Anthology. Please contact me at about this URGENTLY to let me know whether you want your story to appear in the book or not. If they don't get the release, we have to use the next entry in line. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
I read this in the book and as someone who struggled with depression, it really touched me. Thank you.

Also, could you contact me through PM (you can PM me even if you don't subscribe)? I am working on a special project and would like your help. Thanks!--Amy