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Interesting dialogue between the arch angels. It is a sad thing that people take what could be a good thing and are seduced into choosing the evil route.
an interesting way to retell the history of the coca bush. Presumably much the same argument could be made for the poppy
This is excellent!

My only suggestion would be to give the title a second consideration, for two reasons: 1) you're a very strong writer, and you don't need to use a well-known phrase for your title, and 2) it's a bit "flip", and doesn't really match the tone of the entry.

I enjoyed this very much, and look forward to reading more of your pieces in future challenges.
I think you took some risks with this piece and I think that is excellent. Very strong writing.

I would like to point out that this piece is primarily a " Tell " and it is difficult to really engage a reader through Tell alone. That is my opinion, anyway.

The first paragraph after the bible verse is more of a " Show " and is lovely and lyrical, - stirring emotions and visual imagery.

Keep writing! :) I am looking forward to more! :)
This was a very creative way to approach the topic. I've a feeling you'll be moving up.
Very creative take on the topic! You gave us lots to think about... and I agree that the first art was poetic and lovely. Looking forward to more of your writing.
Great writing and I like the fact that you used angels as your MC's. I believe that there is such a spiritual warfare going on in the world today and I am sure that they(angels) are grieved at the way we have turned our backs on God.
Beautifully done Mona. I liked your perspective and the message held within.
Hi Mona. Just wanted to leave a quick note to let you know your entry "Don't Blame the Messenger," actually did very well in the South America Challenge. Although you didn't receive an award, you made it into the Highest Rankings for Level 1, placing 15th in Level 1. Competition in this level is always very intense, so well done.

If you'd like to check the highest rankings for yourself, you can find them here:

The highest rankings are posted every Thursday evening on the Message Boards.

You definitely deserve a pat on the back. Well done. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)