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Gloriously silly--I enjoyed this little story--a practical joke on a national scale!
Wnderful, imaginative. Great duel entry writing. Point of view writing at its best!
Poor George Bush. . . He takes a licking even here. (I'm choosing to believe 'he' is your targeted joke and not all Americans.)

Fun & Funny - Except, I'm still wondering if I should be offended. . . ;>)
I had a chuckle with this one last week. I, too, was concerned that it may be demeaning to Pres. George Bush but now seeing the author I realise it was all in jest. Good writing, good flow, good imagination. God bless and keep writing.

PS - I remember watching Astronaut Neil Armstrong step off the lander onto the moon's surface, as did most people alive at that time. Space travel is so common today but it was pretty heady "back then".