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The Christmas season can hold as much pain for some as it does joy for others...maybe more people than we realize. You write well... you convey strong emotion and hold the reader's attention. I like the card for dysfunctional families idea, though maybe more for the person buying it than sending. Anyway, good job - again, you write well - keep at it!
Great opening line!
It's great that you've got hold of the formatting tags but use them with care. Your bold effect works well but in my opinion the italics are overused. Plus they're harder to read on most screens.
So keep on writing as you hone your skills to God's glory
Your message really got me - I hear that Voice and have the same conversation with Him. I like the way you formatted your talk with the Voice, and I could feel your MC's emotions. A bit of work on your punctuation and this entry would shine!
I like the humor when she tries to pick out the card. And how God wouldn't let her alone in the car. Forgiveness, given and received can change lives. Keep writing, you do it well.
You expressed your sentiments well. Nice job. :)
You have a gift for writing with emotions that connect with your reader. And I like the title. Good job on topic.
I really liked the voice of your MC. This was really good, I'm thinking this is going to place, good luck.
I could really feel you MC's pain and the peace as the story came to its conclusion of her listening to the Voice. :) Well done.
You convey the emotions well....I think a lot of people can relate. Excellent work!