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Ohh, this is so good! I love hhow you depicted the Christmas countdown from a different view. Check out, I Give MY Beloved Son, also in beginners,just below your entry, it's similiar to this writing I see after reading these.
I enjoyed your character and the way you described Gabriel and such humaness of the Baby Jesus, born to save our world. I really enjoyed this piece. God bless your writing!!
I love your creative take on the topic. This is well written. Great Job!
Creative and well-written.
I loved this! The story of that very special night when our Savior was born is told beautifully. Your title is well chosen.
Lovely way of bringing the story across. Loved the way you did it.
Well done.
Creative slant on the topic. Relayed the message clearly. Nice job. :)
Love your POV. You have talent worth developing.

Also, your format was a good addition to how the story flowed.
I love your perspective and dialogue. A little more description here and there will set up the mood and setting. You're improving!
"Could there ever be a more perfect love?" I like the way you told this story from a different viewpoint.
Creative take on the topic! You have an excellent way of communicating your message. As far as the writing goes, I would like to be able to "see" the scene a little more clearly; try putting the reader right into the story with descriptive language. Nice work!