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Ahhh...what a touching story!
You may want to put her 'comments' to herself in italics.
I like the POV! Well done!
Wow.. this was very powerful. My mother-in-law was just diagnosed with Alzheimer's, so this story really pulled me in with your MC's thoughts.
Very nicely done, with a subject not easy to tackle.
Great story. I agree with making sure you separate what the main character is thinking and saying. Good job.
Very interesting POV, coming from inside the brain of the one living with the disease.
I also agree about the thinking vs. talking differentiation.
Good job telling.
Maybe you know this already, but when I was new here, I had no idea how to get italics and other things to work. My original draft is complete with it all, but it shows up here without.
Place at the beginning of the text to be italicized and at the end.
Sorry I messed that up. use the arrow keys before and after text, with an i wrapped in there. In the one at the end of text use the<> with a /i inside.
This was a unique take on this week's topic. Memory diseases are so sad, especially for the families of those being affected with them. I enjoyed the way you ended this, and I look forward to reading more of your stuff. :)
This was well written and a glimpse of how confusing life with Alzheimers must be.
What a touching story! It was interesting to read what a person with dementia could be thinking. If you are dealing with a loved one who has dementia - my heart goes out to you. My mother had Alzehimer's, so I know how hard it is on the family. I wished I could have known what her heart. I could only guess. Your story has helped me to see in her mind. Thanks for sharing.
You tackled a tough topic and presented it well. Good job.
I love the pov in this story. You did a wonderful job portraying her confusion and her past memories. I love the ending. Great job!
I love this. You've given us a unique insight into an Alzheimer's victim. Well done.
Emotionally toiling scenario. Well written. :)
Excellently told. It seems that's just the way one with dementia would think.
I love your title. Very fitting for this entry. So sad. Very, very...
I liked this very much - you told the story well with a great POV. Even the lack of italics didn't take away from this reads beautifully. Nice work!