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As a public school teacher, I found myself getting more and more aggravated with this woman! I'm so glad you had her "see the light" at the end! Very strong entry.
Ooh, nice. I like the one-sided messges (but really wonder who Ms. Sayers is ;) ). Great!
10/16/08 a teacher I knew exactly who Mrs. Sayers was, a buddy teacher she chatted with to keep sanity during the school day bustle. Very good and it may have almost been better had Mrs. Sayers encountered her caroling and emailed her buddy back. Just an idea. Very good entry. I hope you place. It deserves it. Very clever piece. Lisa
Hi Congratulations on first place - wow! At first, I too was a little annoyed, but kept telling myself read it through to the end - glad I did - great writing, I liked the title too, wonderful truths to remember when dealing with children or anyone for that matter.- Thank you.
I know this woman! It was me right before many a Christmas (winter) break. What a blessing this story is. Great format too. Congrats!!
I can see why this story won 1st Place! Wonderful job of giving us a peek into the souls of both women. Loved how you used a familiar Christmas carol to help the LIGHT to shine. Great job.... The world needs more writers like you.