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Very cute! I love how "real" you are. A fun read. Thanks.
Great panoramic view of beach possibilities! Bet the reminiscing was great! The beach has a remarkable way of helping us contemplate life.
very light-hearted! An enjoyable reading experience. Yeah, I remember JAWS, he-he. God bless,
Semper Fi :) I loved this -very entertaining!
I loved this! Very well written and down-to-earth. Keep up the good work!
You brought tears to my eyes. I heard your heart talking. Well done.
Hey forget that last comment, it was ment for another article. Now lets do yours. You wrote to the reader like you knew them, that a good quality to have. Well done.
I like the way you wrote in such a light-hearted way, even though the experiences you mentioned were important to you. Thanks for sharing.
Well done, especially the lead sentence - which drew me right in.
This was absolutely SWEET (made ME smile. :0) Thanks.
From jaws to kissing your wife- very nice entry!
Love the "Yeah man, we rule!!" comment. :-) Lots of things to think about here; nice variety.
I think the last line really pulled it all together. Excellent!
It's a difficult thing to write how you speak without sacrificing professionalism, but you've done it well! Congratulations! (And I really like that last line.)
That's my favorite thing on planet Earth...the ocean, the beach, the sand, the smell, the peace, the solitude...thanks for a beautiful scene, and another "out of this world" essay. You're better than the late great Lewis Grizzard! ..and I THOught NOBODY could come close! Semper Fi, my friend!