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Good story.

Here are the parts I really enjoyed reading:

"Two ladies who befriended her anxiously listened to her testimony gobbling it up. Alexia felt she had found new friends and a place to belong.

It turned out the two ladies used Alexia’s words against her accusing her to the elders of the church as an ungodly woman. She had gotten in amongst them and was going to lead them all astray with her devilish ways."


"As Alexia took her seat smiling at the others, she heard familiar voices. It was the same two ladies with their families who had turned against her from the first church.

They sat down in the section across from her. Alexia could feel their hostile angry eyes upon her. And once again, the husbands were leering at her. Alexia felt sick.

Two Sundays passed and Alexia bravely attended church. The parishioners she had coffee with a few short weeks before looked upon her differently.

The Pastor and his wife no longer smiled at her. As it turned out, the Pastor and his wife were friends of these two ladies. If Alexia could have foreseen this, she could have spared herself more rejection, shame and hurt."

You did a good job of painting a picture of Alexia's highs and lows.

May God bless.

Dan Blankenship

You have personified a convicting reminder not to judge others by their past. Nicely done.