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Very nice! Your third verse was my favorite, I think you summed up the most common thought in a very different way. ^_^
Very True...Good Job !!
Have a very happy day..Poetry is my favorite...
Excellent work!

And this line is 100% true:
"We never seem to take the time to get on our knees to pray."

Read your work all the way through without hesitation!

Nice work.

May God bless.

Dan Blankenship

YOu've written a piece that almost anyone can pick up and own for themselves. Good job knowing your audience.
I love the message in this poem and can relate. Great job!
Very good message and creative delivery. God bless.
I am no expert on poems.. so I can't help there... but this holds an excellent message. I especially like this line, "Now if we think of bridges and what they do for us.
Without them we are stranded so of this let’s discuss.
They span the greatest rivers and mountain passes way up high.
They help us get from here to there if on God we will rely."

Kind of makes me think of Hinds Feet in High Places.

Nice Job!
Poetry is one of the most difficult forms for me to write, therefore, I was impressed by the amount of content you covered here. Very good, especially reaching out to others with the "invitation" at the end. :)

This was a beautiful poem, Carole. Loved it.
Carole, this has to be one of your best entries so far. I LOVED it! It really spoke to me, and it reminded me to learn to be content with the journey that I am on rather than always wanting things to be different in my life.

I so badly want to see this one place high this week. It is so good!
Very, very good. You have a treasure chest of thought packed into this poem. We all need to consider the truths you laid down. Thanks for sharing, and God bless!...Helen
I like this... Well done!