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Ohhh my! This is sad to see the mother in this story. Even though she eventually seemed to come to terms with whatever haunted her, the scars are still left. I was glad for the MC at the end to be surrounded by love from her own little family. You put a lot into this-nice job. ^_^
Whoa! If this is a true account I am sorry for all that you went through. Very emotional and touching! I like the ending as the daughter has comfort and is healing through love from her hubby and children of her own. Thank you for sharing this. Lord bless you.

What a well told story. I felt so much for your MC. How sad to find all that out on her birthday. I sure hope it isn't a true story.

What a blessing her family is, it just proves God's eternal love and the promise in Joel chapter 2
"I will make up to you for the years
that the swarming locust has eaten",

Well done, excellent entry.

This is extremely well-written, and it built up to the perfect conclusion. It must have been difficult for the MC to hear those words from her mother. The quotes mixed with the thoughts were very well placed and effective. Your message of hope and healing at the end is one more scarred mothers need to hear.
Oh, this is a wrenching story! You did an excellent job of portraying the anguish and turmoil of the MC. I am so glad she was finally experiencing healing. There is a message of hope here to encourage others with painful family memories. Thank you for sharing this story.
Wow, that middle section really tears at one's heart!
Wow, you dealt raw emotion and I want to fold. I felt for your mc and could feel my heart sink each time hers did.
Wonderful telling of an awful story.

Excellent display of emotion. This is so heartwrenching.
I loved your ending. This story is a sad reality for many, and I am glad that God provides good families for many of those who come from broken and messed up homes.

Thank you for sharing this gripping story.
Moving account of this mother/daughter relationship. I am so glad the MC was able to hear her mother say she loved her. Enjoyed the comparisons like - hung on to the words the same way she gripped the phone.
Nice job with such an emotional piece. :)
You have written a very emotional and heartbreaking account. It had to have been difficult and you expressed it perfectly for your reader to feel the pain. So, so sad and tender. And the last paragraph is perfect.