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Interesting approach! The best part for me is in the last paragraph, where he says "I guess there might be something bigger out there." I like that you didn't just give it the pat ending, but that you left your readers with a bit of hope.
I like this format--very easy to read. This makes me want to know more of the story. Nice job with the topic.
I was intrigued, and so want more information on ALL the characters in this story. Thanks for piquing my curiosity, and for sharing this piece!
good job...I know it was hard for you to write this
Great a single father I understand...Thanks for your comments.
This article is obviously a "write from the heart." You have made a lot of sacrifices to do what you thought was best for your family. Our children may not always understand our actions, but when they know we love them, they usually come to grips with their disappointments because they love us, too, and want to be close to us as much as we want it. God bless you as you continue being the father and husband He designed you to be.

Linda Settles
You wrote honestly and openly it touches the reader, as we all go through these phases in life, only with different situations and degrees. The title is very appropriate, nothing too heavy or imposing.
Paternal or not, this father exemplifies our heavenly Father's love for us...gentle, all consuming and caring. With all that you had on your plate, you still came out a good dad.