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I liked that everything turned out good for the woman in the end.

I was a bit confused about which woman it was at the end though. I am assuming that it was the mother who made the phone call. Also, how did she get the new house? Did she buy it with flood insurance money? Just some minor details that I would have like to have seen explained.

Also, whitespace would help the reader be able to navigate your story easier.

God does restore to us that which we lose. Just look at the story of Job in The Bible. Good job. Keep on writing!
This was a wonderful telling of an inspiring story though I would like to have seen a clearer connection between the flood itself and all the great things that happened later. Great descriptions!
Nice retelling of a story. Would be good to give us some more details, though. And yes, spacing between paragraphs helps immensely. Keep on writing!
Lots of excitement and suspense, and I loved the detail of the little weiner dog.

I agree with the above comments--some more detail, some focus, some edits, and this little gem will be more polished.
Your last paragraph was my favorite! Very insightful and encouraging.
He knows the plans He has for you!

We should all remember this in deep times.

The first half of the story was very exciting. There might of been more of a connection between this half and the next which was very victorious.

I enjoyed reading your story.