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Nice story on the reality of how youth must experience difficulty themselves before they take the lesson to heart. :)
Very good story. You showed us how much the mother truly cares for her son. I also like how she wasn't tempted to blame the other boys for her own son's behavior. That's rare these days. Good job. Keep writing!
Even if I DIDN'T know your "mental state" when you wrote this, I would be impressed. But, knowing it, Amy, I am absolutely praising God. Right on topic, and a very engaging story. A few "polishy" things to improve it, but nothing major. This is, I tell you, VERY impressive. Keep writing, my friend (and neighbor!).
Good job--perfectly on topic, and I love that the mother didn't shield him from his consequences.
Way to go! Keep it up.
Nice story, on topic completely and well written. Keep the writing going on!
This is wonderful! The fact that you were able to write this, AND the story itself. Praise God!
Yes.. great story.. on topic.. realistic and good handling of the situation with Mom's wisdom.. You hit the nail on the head.. and I loved the way you illustrated the moral.. Dianne J.
Yep, you nailed the topic. I felt a little sorry for the mother, staying up late for her son and then having to get that call in the morning, but at least it all came out. The last lines were really good! Nice job. ^_^
Good for the mom, standing her ground and teaching the boy a very valuable lesson. Your writing style is so easy and natural that it is a joy to read. Great job, keep writing, you certainly have the talent for it.
This is very well done. You'll do well! Hope your doing better from the injury!
Great story! Well written and on topic. Very smart mother too. So glad you are feeling much better Amy.