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Our reputations do influence how others perceive us. I would have liked this to have been expanded. You write well, but I would break up the paragraph into smaller ones. It's just much easier to read. Good job, and keep writing!
I like the complexity of its simplicity. You said a lot in a few words...which can be much more difficult than writing a 50 page paper. You did it very well.
Wow! This is very well-written. I feel that you have something really good here but you stopped yourself. Give us the rest of the story. Great writing!
Short and to the point. Great job.
The effectiveness of this piece was not lost due to its shortness. The author got his/her point across very well. I would have liked it to be longer simply because I was enjoying it. Good job!
You left me with a very memorable line "Lifelong friends on the other side of bridges never burned". I love it.
That is some crisp, great writing! Well done.
I Liked this very much I thought you were going somewhere else though good job!
You packed a lot in here with a great message. Very timely. Don't hold back. You have 750 words. Keep writing.