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Oh, how I love the sound of a wonderful choir!

This might be a bit "iffy" on topic, and I'm pretty sure you intended to have "Choir" in the title...

...Nevertheless, you made me "hear" the music while I read your piece, and I really appreciated that!
I saw this as a description of a functional "cell" group, focused round a ministry rather than being a "Home Group" in general. This could have been made more explicit though.
I don;t care whether it fits like a glove or not, this is well writen, and enjoyable read and filled with beautiful prose. I enjoyed it.
I enjoy being in a choir too. It's wonderful to have friends that share your interests. Why the different spelling in your title?
Perhaps a simple footnote could have resolved the confusion over the title? Or maybe an explanation of "quire" within the writing itself? From the dictionary: ""Quire. kwir.n. [a different spelling of choir.] A body of singers; a chorus; the choir of a church -- v.i. To sing in concert or chorus; to chant or sing harmoniously....... Quire. kwir. n. [O.Fr. quayer; Fr. cahier, from L.L. quaternum, a book of four leaves, from L. quatnor, four.] A collection of paper consisting of twenty-four sheets of equal size, and generally folded once."" Any quire, or church choir, singing the wide variety of music this one sings certainly would handle sheets and sheets of paper. Could it be that the less commonly used word "quire" has become a term of endearment within this chorus that chants, does concerts, sings harmoniously, and handles lots of paper? As to the "home group" topic, perhaps the author could have changed the perspective and started with the fun home gatherings of this group? Perhaps this author mistakenly interpreted "home group" to mean a group in which one felt at home emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, a place where one can pray and learn and minister, rather than interpreting the topic literally as a place/house where Christians can gather?