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I could envision the vine-covered country church in your poem. This flowed well, although the last two stanzas seemed to have a different meter than the rest. Nice work overall, and keep writing!
Lots of sweet nostalgia in this poem.

One improvement would be to work on having a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables. That would make it flow more easily for your readers.

I really like your title; it feels rustic and real.
Your title was very good and will draw readers in. The flow was good except in a few places. Try using slant or near rhymes at times when a perfect rhyme will stop the poem from making sense or saying what you really want it to say. Loved the vine covered churh! Definitely keep on writing!
Very nice. It's got such a homey feel to it.
I am not a poetry person, but this is really sweet. I felt like I was reading it in an old magazine, with a picture of a vine covered church.

A couple of typos -- other than "church." Jonah needs the 'h', and Bible should always be capitalized.

This is very nice. Good job with the topic.
A "challenge buddy" might help you with the logistics, but your title is great. You have a very creative and captivating style.
Great poetry! Thanks for sharing this!
Oh, this was a very sweet and nostalgic read. I enjoyed it.
I know very little about poetry, but I thoroughly enjoyed this. Your vivid descriptions make it feel real.