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A bit of a dismal view of what Sunday school has descended to in many churches. But I have to agree with your honest appraisal. This I know: when a truly gifted teacher who is filled with the essence of Christ-like love comes forward to the SS pulpit the spiritual hunger in his/her class is manifest. Starving people become dull-witted and sluggish. Well-nourished people sharpen one another.
I think you could write a whole story built around your second paragraph!
Sadly a view all too true....and certainly I do not desire to be true of my teaching and my SS class. I think the use of the songs in the beginning and end were good but the first sentence should have been at least two instead of one, but just my opinion.
You speak of God's anger with the "system". I felt Him speaking in your piece. You need dedicated people in the ministry and if your hearts not in it then neither are your pupils. Good writing!