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Interesting story.....found some sentences a little long and confusing, but was a well written and different piece to read.
Your creativity and plot-work is superb, as is your theme. I would say read your work out loud before submitting with an ear to grammatical syntax. Good work - definitely keep writing.
Ahem! (blush, blush)
To follow my own advice, I will now rephrase a portion of my comment.

"I would say, before submitting, read your work out loud before with an ear to grammatical syntax." :)

or, even better, "I would say read your work out loud with an ear to grammatical syntax before submitting." :)
Very creative!

The problem with science fiction works that are limited to 750 words are that the reader is often left puzzled as to the "back story." I didn't fully understand some of this for that very reason.

I hope you can find a an audience to read a full-length version of this.
Yes, this story begs a longer version with more details. However, and I am sure this won't make a whole lot of sense, but your story reminded me of the church here in Venezuela where I serve. It's very divided along political lines, to the extent that people on both sides believe that those who are on the other side can't possibly be christians — it's sort-of like your comment at the end of the story — is it possible for mutants to be believers? Forgive the rambling. Very interesting story.
I agree with the fact tht the word count really limits you. It took me a minute to catch up in the story, however this is really good writing! Be Blessed!