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Love the double meaning of "dish" here, and also the ending, in which you resisted the temptation to neatly fix all of her problems. Very nice.
Your story touched my heart and I found myself getting to know the main character easily. Beautifully done.
This is well written. The message if clear and I liked your MC. Very nice.
Lovely story and a beautiful illustration of fellowship in action. Well done
Loved this...did find one error in "food" washing...but I was captivated as I wondered why she was smelling her clothing and then her struggles of life and then how those around her filled her with joy.
This story was very moving, and you told it extremely well. Good job!
This is very powerful - and I love the title. I really don't know what to suggest, other than possibly a bit more dialog -or even interior monologue for your MC. Wonderful.
I agree that the writing here is very good. Like a few other comments mentioned, maybe a bit more dialogue, but really, it works fine the way it is. I also like that you did not create a perfectly "happy" ending where all her troubles are magically fixed in one sentence. You did a good job, and wrote a creative piece for this topic.