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I really enjoyed this story! It held my attention from beginning to end and I was glad the boys helped the old lady in the end. Great storytelling!
Lovely story. I'm not sure how it fits the topic though.
What a sweet story of compassion and service!
I like your did catch my attention all the way through. Was not sure I saw the topic through it, but loved the story.
Cute story!

May be a bit weak on topic, and the situation is a familiar one--but you've told it in a refreshing way.
Great story. How many old ladies such as your character are yearning for just this kind of act? Good writing!
A nice story and a sweet ending. Good job!
Enjoyed reading this. It would make a good child's story book. It could be expounded into a real book of encouragement for a teen or pre-teen.
Bah, humbug...forget the topic for the week - great story and worth telling and told very well.
you got a high mark in my book - unfortunately I'm not one of the offical graders.
God bless and keep writing.
I like it! And it is about fellowship - Webster's New World dictionary gives the first meaning of fellowship as "companionship," the second is "mutual sharing." The boy extended friendship to someone others avoided; and cleaning up with his group of friends is certainly a mutual sharing. Good job!