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This sounds like a true story. If it is, you are not alone. I see promise in your writing. I also see promise in the process that the Lord has begun. Forgiveness is difficult sometimes. But when it's all over, we realize that forgiveness is not a gift we give the person who so deeply hurt us, its a gift we give ourselves. And it brings much freedom. Writing is a good way to work through all those things with God. If I can be of help, send me a PM. And keep writing!
First of all, know that you are absolutely not alone in this type of suffering. Secondly, admit to yourself that if this incident is still with you and causes you the same harm it did when the wound was fresh, you have NOT forgiven him. Forgiveness comes when you look at your husband with the love in your eyes that God has for him. What “Jake” did was not a mistake. It was pure selfishness. Perhaps he learned that selfishness is not the key to happiness. What did YOU learn? Maybe you accepted self-doubt into your heart. The truth is, there was never anything wrong with you. It will never, ever be your fault. It was his choice and he made it when no one was looking because he knew it was wrong from the get-go. Just like a four-year-old stealing cookies. Now it is time for you to acknowledge that your husband is not special; not any better than anyone else; and that you love and accept him anyway. That’s the “forgetting” part of forgiveness.

Your writing is very heartfelt. The emotion is strong and the story, however unfortunate, is captivating. Keep writing! You’re doing great. =)
The above comments are beautiful words of encouragement, and I hope that, if this is your story, you have found wisdom and peace in them. I'll be praying for you regardless!

You did a great job conveying what you feel with words. I look forward to reading your future entries. :)
I absolutely agree with the other comments! Your writing is more than capable of getting your message across. Also, I'm sure your heart will always have a scar that is the evidence of being broken, but you seem to already realize how God can mend and restore your heart and love for your husband. God bless you for writing with such openness and honesty.