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Your essay was worth taking the time to read. Oftentims, I prefer the less wordy ones; but, this one spoke to me on a different level. You are correct in your statement about psychologists. They term the venting process as "standing up for yourself." I think I like the K.M.S. approach much better. Albeit the concept is only effective with medication. LOL! Thanks for the "headnodding" reading.
The K.M.S. caught my attention.Great way to grab an audience and the story says it all Very well written
Oh, man did that ever hit home. Ouch, you got my toes!
I liked what you wrote, especially the phrase "tea kettle attitude"! The title is catchy. The body of the article is good. It gave accurate examples of modern living stresses and the natural anger response. When we write on a topic that is significant in our own lives, it can be tougher to do. But you did a good job. Because I know how easy it is to read past one's own type-o's, I found it helpful to have someone read through my articles before I submit them. Keep writing!
Oh, can I ever relate! Great lesson well-expressed.
K.M.S. I need to remember that! This is a good entry and you gave many examples and insights into the problem of spewing anger out needlessly.