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Sweet story. I could picture the little girl and hear her questions.
Absolutely adorable story! I love the part about Daddy having a headache every Sunday morning. :) The voice of your characters are so true and real; I felt I was right there on the porch with them! Very nice writing.
So could identify here. Great story.
Really touching and sweet. The innocent questions from youngsters often touch our heart. An extra quote mark and some convoluted structure in a couple of places, but this essay is definately worthy of notice. I loved your easy to read style. Thanks for sharing this story.
Wonderful, wonderful writing. This is super! I enjoyed it all.

Do check rules for quotation marks. It made it a little confusing in places, but a minor problem that can be fixed easily.

Keep up the good work. You won't be in beginners very long!
Lovely characterization. I really enjoyed this. She is just like a 5-year-old. Wonderful.
Adorable! You captured Catherine Marie--very good!! :D
Delightful story! The conversation seemed, natural, not forced, as is so often the case. I love the aunt's explanation of confident...right on a child's level.
I love it — this is such a wonderful, warm story — I could picture myself sitting on the porch! Good work.
Wow! Great story, expecially from the child's POV. Good job in defining confidence for that age level. And congratulations on your placing. God bless and keeping writing.
Precious story and well written. Keep writing, you have a special gift with words from the heart.
What a wonderful relationship is written into this article. It borders very near a devotional with a fantastic story form.
Very sweet story. Seemed as though I was right there with you all.
On another thought, I related to part of the story in an odd sort of way. We named our middle daughter Tammy. At about age 5, when we would call her by her name, Tammy, she would tell us very bluntly, my name is not Tammy, it is Tommy, I am a boy, not a girl. I know in your story, it was a cat and your mistake, but I thought I saw something there I could relate to in an odd way also since my name is Brenda too.