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In search of answers. How familiar. We all wonder why? somtimes. I could feel your emotion here and the subtle compliance to God's will.
I like your honesty and willingness to be open with your readers in your writing. I can relate to the feelings you expressed in your poem.
Hello! You've made my heart sad. Why! because soooo many men just can't seem to find that "special" someone. Women are very skeptical (Nowadays) as to how men are living their personal lives (Hint). If you're a Born-again believer, no need to look outside. And, remember that just because you/they are Christian, does not necessarily mean it's a match! The Bible say's "He" that FINDETH a wife FINDETH a good thing. There are many women out here wondering just WHEN will that special someone FIND them! There's plenty of SINGLE Christian women out friend; so, Keep praying for "GUIDANCE" and search, baby, search.
I was moved by this deeply and could relate to your feelings and requests to the Lord. I can tell you from experience over and over again that the Lord will open the doors at the right time.
After we walk through them and look back it is then that we can say, thank you Lord for having me wait upon you.

Yrs ago I was crushed because someone who I cared for deeply and we had seen each other for over 2 yrs, decided to end our relationship abruuptly and cruelly, and set his sights on a much younger girl. I was hurt and devastated but God knew what He was doing. Later, after a few yrs the guy who married this girl went off the deep end and shot her and then himself, leaving two little preschool babies behind, parentless. My heart was so broken for their families and I had to thank God, so relieved that He protected me. It could have been me and my childen motherless and fatherless and my mom torn over her loss of a daughter.
The Lord knows what He is doing.
When all we see is our own longings and desires and we're looking through the glasses of our wants and circumstances it is then we need to put new lenses in. He wants us to see that our Heavenly Father is working in our behalf, behind the scenes. God knows the desires of your heart and will indeed give them to you. Just keep trusting... God bless, Janice
Your longing is easy to understand, and your heart cry comes through clearly in your words. Love the way your ending reminds us all that God's timing is perfect - in all things
Good work. It's so good to realise that God knows not only our hearts but He knows what's best and when it's best for us. Keep trusting Him.
You have some great thoughts here. I know the feeling. Good work.
I have went through the same thing. I know how frustrating it can be trying to do the right thing when other guys doing things the world's way seem to always have it so good. I know that Jesus withheld my beautiful wife from me until I could learn to be happy with Him alone. A month later I met Rebekah. Another close friend of mine did not find his love until recently. He is in his middle thirties but I am sure if you would ask him he would tell you it is worth it. God Bless and keep doing the right thing.
Thank you for sharing this. I understand completely. I am in my late 30's and still am not married--struggling right now with a job situation too. You really spoke to me and gave me hope. I already knew all of this (head knowledge). But sometimes it helps to know that there are others out there feeling the same way you do and to be reminded by these people that there is such hope in Christ. Thank you!
Easy to read, though each stanza could be together instead of the white space between each line. Just leave the extra space between each stanza.

I hear you in your plea for a wife, I'm asking God for a husband. I understand the silence as I also keep waiting. I hope God fulfills your desire soon.

Good job on the poem. You show a lot of promise with your writing.
This was very touching and in the same way helpful to me. I know how your feeling I'm 19 and I'm very impatient and lonely. I can't imagine what it must feel like in your fourty's. I just want you to know your not alone in this.
God will give you the desires of your heart just keep seeking after God. He is faithful and always on time.
I'll keep you in my prayers God bless and keep writing!
Hi everyone, I wrote the above poem in 1993, when I was 27 years of age. As with all of my writings, the Holy Spirit helped to guide and direct my thoughts to express this significant event in my spiritual walk with Christ. From here on I trusted Him completely to provide me with a suitable wife when the time was right.
About a year later, with still no progress in my life, I went to see my Pastor and told him I felt like there was a blockage in my spiritual life. So my Pastor and a lady in the church who moved in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, prayed with me, and the Lord showed them and me that I needed to take a step of faith to break through this blockage. The step of faith that Jesus required of me was to leave home and be free for the Lord to do a new work in my life.
So I bought a house.
One week before I moved into my new home, a friend of mine arranged for me to have a blind date with a Japanese girl. And it was amazing how prophetic this poem turned out to be. At first we both had reservations, even some apprehensions. We did not seem so compatable. But as we continued dating, we discovered the miracle that Jesus had in store for us. We found that we complimented each other in every way, personality, character, spiritually and mentally, and even in being able to serve the Lord together as a team. (I play the piano, and she sings. We also have a gift of hospitality.) We've been married over twelve years now, and have two beautiful children. And the Lord still blesses us both beyond our dreams through this gift of marriage, that was well worth waiting for.
Hi Peter. I've just sent you a private message, but if you don't have access to that, could you please send me a private message with your email address so urgently. I need to talk to you about your latest Challenge entry.

With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
I would to apologise to everyone for entering this poem in the Challenge, because I forgot the rule not to list an item I had written in the past. (All the other Challenge items by me listed on Faithwriters were written specifically for the Challenge.)
I have asked Faithwriters to remove this entry.
Peter, thank you for offering to have the entry removed, but now that the Poetry Challenge is over, I really think the poem should stay. It has blessed the readers and I would hate to delete something with so much lovely feedback.

I know it was an innocent mistake (one that is made by many people), so please don't feel bad. Like I said, now that the Challenge is well and truly over, I'm very happy to leave it here in the list so other readers can be blessed by it.

With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)