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How absolutely beautiful! I LOVED reading this story. So well thought out & put together. Beautifully written! Made me giggle as I can just imagine this. It gets a first place in my book. I'm sure you're going to go far. Would love to read more of your work. Keep it up! Yulanda :)
I just loved it. I know that it does take a little bit of time getting used to another person. But God's plans are perfect. And humour has to be part of our lives.
Well done!
My favorite on this level. This one has lots of charm, and the reader can easily visualize what's going to happen next.

If I were to give one suggestion, it'd be to reduce your use of exclamation points, especially in the narration. It's almost always better to trust strong nouns and verbs to convey your emotion.

This story is a real charmer.
This is an adorable story with an excellent portrayal of the couple and their angels! Talk about a study in contrasts! :) Great writing! I don't think you'll be in Beginners for long!
Cute story. Two angel's take of a wedding couple. They probably are in for some fun. Good job.
This was the neatest story I have read! Love it!
I love your story, and the title is perfect. I like how you told it from the three perspectives - very imaginative. Wonderful job - I'm going to be looking for this entry at the top of the list come Thursday !
I absolutely loved this, what a charm. You described opposites well, and yet gave such a creative bent to this. Solid writing. Excellent, excellent job.
LOVE this story. Lighthearted and amusing, but with the gentle reminder that God is always in control. I never quite thought of my husband's guardian angel and mine joining forces before. Gives one a whole new perspective. Keep up the good writing.
This is so cute, funny and believable. I really liked the "forshadowing" you did with the cat...left the reader just knowing the other foot was about to drop.

I enjoyed your writing style - great job - you won't be in level one for long!