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Well, I'm smiling! Just a hint with formatting: give each new character a line of their own. yeggy
Yep, it's funny. Good title, too.
I think it's funny, but don't tell the author. She's still recuperating from the shock. Mama sure has a mind of her own. She'll keep the attendants on their toes!
Well, I think it's funny:) I'm not sure the nurse or attendants found it amusing. I'm glad I'm not the cleaner.
It's funny! You will see it too some day! Great story!
Too funny! I could see all of this happening very clearly, the dialouge was especially creative! It was a bit confusing to read with it all in the same paragraph. (just a quick tip!) Next time use extra spaces and click preview before you submit to see how everything lines up. ^_^ Very creative to use potatoes...don't know if I'll be able to peel any sometime soon without laughing through the entire thing!