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Lovely title, and I liked the tone of this piece--wry and loving both, a nice balance.

Here's an easy passages like this one: “I don’t know.” Sang Ashley.

“Not me.” Adam proudly proclaimed.

...the periods inside the quotation marks should be commas. Or if you want to keep them as periods, follow up with complete sentences:

“I don’t know.” Ashley shrugged her bony shoulders.

“Not me.” Adam held his chin high.

Lots of great potential in this piece.
Reading this piece brought several chuckles and just a big smile to my face as I thought about my kids, who currently are sleeping quietly in their beds, before tomorrow's cycle of circus antics starts all over again. What a joy & blessing (even in the midst of the toil) our children are and your piece certainly emulated that.
Ah, the wonderful funny life of a mother. No one appreciates the humor of it. Good job.
Great the way you created a stron sence of place and charater and made me smile. Fav line: 'Why do kids momentarily lose their minds when their parents pick up a telephone?' I think this is a universal law. Made me smile. yeggy
My children are all grown-up now but I have never forgotten those days. Those endless days of bickering, arguing, frustration!! But also a huge amount of joy. I think this passage will bring a smile to every mother's face.
When our first child was born, my husband's boss said to him, "The day will come when just thinking about your kids will make you laugh." He was SO right. I have four kids now and sometimes my husband or I will chuckle for no apparent reason. When the other gives that "What's so funny" look, we can say a few lines of a quote from one of the kids, and we both end up laughing.
It makes up for those moments when you're on the phone.
I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for the laugh.
You didn't know that children are silent until a parent picks up the phone? Now that mine are teenagers I hate the dreaded stares I get when talking on the phone, I loved your writing I was with ya all the way!
I really liked this.