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Sometimes, taking a good "laugh" at ourselves helps us through life. If you are actually the narrator here, you did a good job of humor at your dilema. I especially liked the fact that you gained 20 pounds eating what your wife eats. Isn't that the way of it? Good job.
This was rather entertaining as I did find myself laughing out loud at more than a few comments. This world certainly is vain and its idea of perfection is so opposite of the True measure of Perfection.
I feel your pain, pal, I"m right there with ya.
I especially liked the part about fast food since I work at McDonalds! We are who we are and God accepts us for whatever shape we are. It's the spirit that counts! Keep writing and sharing yourself with others!
Good honesty, and it tells a story to the reader. However, the syllables in your sentances are "stumbly", if you understand me. They do not flow as well as they should. I would strongly suggest that you force yourself to write poetry in iambic pentameter once a day, following all the rules of alliteration and meter. It will sharpen your syllabic skills.