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Very cute! A well-done article. A humorous solving of a mystery.
Good story!
Good job, I like the way it ended.
I liked this one.
I really enjoyed your mystery! Well written with an interesting plot, good suspense, and neat conclusion. Way to go!
Great writing! Good job with Ralph's dialog especially - you really brought out his fear. One thing that confused me - when Mr. Patterson decided to spend the night in the church. Is that Ralph or the Pastor? I really enjoyed this mystery. :)
I really enjoyed this story. It held me all through as I wondered how the crucifix was moved, and then it finished with a good laugh. Thankyou and well done.
Interesting mystery! Really enjoyed your writing! Great job!
Great mystery! This is your first entry? WOW! Amazing stuff, I really love the characters and it was quite fun to join Mr. Arkwell in the stakeout. ^_^
I believe you are suited for the mystery genre! And this doesn't read like a "first entry." You are a great writer! Good work, and many blessings, Cheri
This is one solid, strong piece of writing and yes, mystery suits you. You won't be in beginners long. Great work.
Great detail and a fun story too. I was definitely intrigued throughout.
You have good command of words, dialogue and sceene setting. You move the reader along at a nice pace and hold our interest. I sense you won't be in level one for long. Great Job and keep developing your talent for writing.
This is an excellent mystery--really carried the reader along. I like your conclusion.
Loved the characters, some great suspense tied up with humor. Good pace. Keep up the good work! (sorry, I really didn't see anything major jump out at me that needed work lol)