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Good article on how (and sometimes why) we stray, and the results we reap. But God is always there to pick up the pieces. What a great your "I" and "me" rules. Very good story however.
I know all too well how the world can sour the melody within us. Nice relatable story.

We can rewrite the lyrics to our song but the music has a way of reminding us of God in the end.

Good job!
Wonderful article. You caught the flavor of many lives and the return to Christ's love, forgiveness, and ministry.

God bless and keep writing.
As a school teacher I am often dismayed at how much pressure parents put on their children to achieve. Yes, children do need encouragement but we also need to remember that they need time just to be children. How wonderful that God restored Amanda's love for music and for Him. Thank you for a very thought provoking piece of writing.
I love your title and the idea it portrays! This is such a sad story of the warping of a gift and a life, but it is also a story of the eventual redemption of that gift and that life. Good job! :)