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Heartwarming story. Some typos, etc but generally, very good writing. Good job.
Lovely story - we do forget we don't see things the same way kids do and it's important we share with them. I know the hand-me-down stories too! Well done, but do take care to proof-read before submitting.
My kids go through this all the time. Hand-me-downs are great, but sometimes it's worth pinching pennies to get something brand new for one of them!! =) We just did this last week with shoes for my youngest. Keep writing!!
I loved your story. It is very sweet and touched my heart.
Very, very nice and heartwarming. God bless the boy and his mom. Nice work!
Elaine, I was thinking this was a quite nice piece all the way through, but the ending was the high point. It brought tears to my eyes.

The ending really was the strength of the story. My only suggestion would be to make the start a little more attention-grabbing. It wasn't bad, but it could have done with a bit more of a hook to keep the reader going right through to that lump in the throat ending.

Other than that, I see so much potential in your writing and really encourage you to keep honing your skill and entering the Challenge.

With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator and Editor, FaithWriters' Magazine)