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This is good writing. I did see a couple of word errors. "seating" for sitting and "draw" for drawer, but these are minor. However, I did feel that there was more to be said. The writing, however, was very good. And I liked the pov.
Very good, and suspensful story. Aside from the previously stated minor problems, the structure of the story was good. The left me in some suspense, wanting to wait for the second installment. Yet, at times leaving readers to exercixe their own imaginations is good too.
You have quite a good story here! You need someone to proofread your stories for grammatical errors. It would be a simple task to do. You can go on the Faithwriters boards and ask if someone could do that next time. That little thing out of the way, I have to tell you that your story was masterful in giving us suspense. You didn't give us the ending....and I really respect that. You left us wondering and wanting more, a skill I wish I had. Too many of us here like to tie things up in a neat little bow. You truly have a gift for writing. Keep using it!