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I hope you enjoyed your time here because I see you moving out of beginners quickly. Excellent, excellent story that touched my heart.
I love this! I like the German touch in there. Very heart-warming. Keep up the good work, girl!
What a wonderful story! Well done.
A smile was put on my face, I loved the reading. Thank You.
This is absolutely delightful and moving and lovely! I agree - you won't be in beginner's long!
wow! what God can do with willing hearts! bravo! Great piece.
This is one glorious piece of writing!
I was directed to this "gem" by joanne's post. I'm ceratinly glad I read it. I especially liked the last line. opa writing something to us was a a magical touch!
This is excellent! I'm also glad I found it. I was drawn into the story and enjoyed every word. Very well done.
Wonderful! The story, style and message were All wonderful! Good job. Thank you!
Excellent! I loved the German interspersed throughout the story, the description of Opa's depression and relief. Lovely.
Great story and what a wonderful way for you to start your journey into writing - through love for your Opa and God's direction.
Very well written. You kept my attention the whole way through. Well done.
Is Opa the grandfather? A delightful story that warms the heart. Thank you.
Well, if this is a true story, I think God has blessed you double! You inherited his writing talent, and you have progressed by writing down his ideas. Isn't that just how God works? You can't outgive him! By the way, I think your Opa advanced you right out of Beginners without you realizing it! Your story was simply told and heartfelt. You can't get any better than that! Congratulations!
This is a wonderful, touching, creative piece! It also shows how we can often cooperate with each other in creative ventures--one being the voice and one being the pen! Thanks for this lovely story!
What a lovely story of love and sacrifice and blessings galore!
Congratulations! I kew this would be a winner!
A true gem indeed! Congrats.

May the Lord continue to guide your quill as you write for the Glory of HIM!
Well done on your win. I wanted to comment earlier but I was one of the judges.

Now you'll be moving up - and it is well deserved!
Wonderful story! Congrats on your win - well deserved!!
Very well done - a well-deserved win
Excellent piece of writing. Congratulations on your win.
Beautiful! What an inspiration! Thank you for penning this, thank you to Opa for sharing his heart.
Holly, what a great story! I'm so glad you pointed it out to me! I can't wait to find your other writings as you moved up levels! You are a great story teller and an awesome writer! Way to go, girl!