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Isn't it amazing that when you're all prepared to write - the so-called proverbial 'juices' don't flow like when you're not prepared. It just tells us that with all of our talent, God is still the source of all that we possess and are capable of doing. There is no comparable experience to God using our hands to write through us - it is an experience that not even words can express.
Great read, perfect message.
Very well done. A good personalization of one of the men who held the pens which transcribed God's Word. I felt as if I knew him. Well done!
Great insight into the Author behind the author. I liked the reminder that we have experiences and stories that need to be shared. God doesn't send them just to be tucked away in some secret compartment of our minds. God is a sharing God. . . and so are His children. Good writing here. Thanks.
On your next entry, try separating the paragraphs with space so that it becomes Reader Friendly. (check out Masters or Advanced to see the difference of how much easier a read). However, nice job...just difficult for the old eyes.