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This is your story and you get your point across. It is a great testimony of the grace of God. May you be blessed as you continue the best walk there is - walking with Jesus.
Very engrossing - you have a great, conversational style in this piece. I felt like I was right inside your head. Would have loved a bit more elaboration on the last paragraph's information, but I'm sure it was a word count thing. Nice job!
This was great. This makes me so glad that even though I went to a "public" school, that Christianity was not shunned. Despite that, I am way to guilty of "separating church and state" in my life. Thanks for the gentle reminder.
Very casual, readable voice. I'm not sure that I understand how the title ties it all together, but I certainly appreciated this well-written first person essay.
An interesting account of the different ways that you've learned, and I enjoyed reading it.
I read your story the first time, about three days ago. I was tired and there were alot of words! LOL! I didn't feel like I could comment because I couldn't think of any good things to say, and no really helpful bad ones. However, today I came, renewed and refreshed, and enjoyed your story so much. How true it is. We wonder how we got so closed up about our faith. After all, we live in a nation where we are free to speak the name of Jesus! You gave me an AHA! moment, not easy to get at age 55. We were slyly encouraged, from an early age, and taught not by words but by actions that this name isn't spoken in polite society. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart, for this! However, I think your title could be even better! :) They censored Jesus...and we were too young to even realize what was going on! A truly memorable story with a message. Thank you!
I enjoyed this and like your style, too. You had me hanging on every word.
Thanks for letting us into the inner working of this character's (or is it your?) heart. The early teachings that she received as a child were not lost.

This article is written in a style so casual and matter-of-factly that it is possible to miss the profundity of the piece.

What you're saying here is a reflection on all our lives.

Now, after reading this piece I'm forced to consider several things: (1) Where in my life am I excluding Jesus? (2) Do I, as a Christian, have the courage to speak up and oppose wrong or affirm right standards in public? (3) What am I teaching my own children and my peers by my attitude and actions? (4) And finally, after I've lived this life and stand before my Maker will I hear Him say "Well done" or will I hear something else?

Excellent work my friend! And if the story is true, thanks for letting us into your life. You are a blessing!
P.S. Your title worked - It's why I was drawn to read in the first place!
I was intrigued by your title. It sums up the message nicely. The world tries to separate church from state, but our faith can never truly be separated from the rest of our lives. If we are truly walking with Him in daily fellowship, we will be one, and it will show. And when we go astray, He gently pursues us and draws us back to Himself again, because He is ever faithful, even if we are not. Blessings, Cheri