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I really like your opening line. This story has some great bones, but it is hard to follow. Too many (). So much potential here. Great job.
I had no problem reading the entire story. I do wonder what is so wrong with being a muppet?

(confessed to him that I felt like a muppet)

Muppets are cool...

May God bless.
Dan Blankenship

Muppet is an English substitute for 'berk' or 'plank', etc. ;) But I agree, muppets are cool.
Very heartfelt telling. I really enjoyed the beginning and end of this!
the greatest reason to teach is love of the subject or the students...nice reminder
I can relate to this story. I was asked to take part in writers visiting schools and all day I stood in front of a podium, class after class, and talked to the dark haired natives about writing and getting an eduvation. they stared back at me, all interested, and at the end of the day I left, feeling warm inside because I had planted in these natives a thirst for knowledge. I've written a poem on this subject, should post it.
Grace Brooks
I enjoyed your story- it kept my attention. Mainly because I have completely related...why is it that some Sunday School teachers have the ability to keep full attention....while some of us...don't. ;-)
Your story of the storytelling was awesome!
As a former teacher of Sunday School and a teacher for over 20 years, I will back you up on your conclusion of why we teach!
Thank you for sharing.