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Such descriptive imagery! I was uncertain if Veronica's imprisonment was physical or emotional until the very end, but I could feel the suspense of being in such a dark and horrible place. I was relieved when her shackles were broken. Thanks for sharing!
Wow! Your descriptions were wonderful and very powerful. I could feel the terrible plight of this woman. This is excellent!
This got my attention so completely, that I missed a phone call while reading it. :0) Your descriptions are precise and vivid. Very nice!
I agree that the descriptions were wonderful, and gave such a clear image of the prison, that it draws the reader in. However, I got so involved with the descriptions that the story was lost on me. It is still good writing, and I'd be interested in the story of how Veronica ended up in such a prison!

wow...that's amazing.
Wow--awesome descriptions. I struggled with the descriptions, however, because I didn't get a personal connection with the character until the very end when you finally named her. Describing her physical attributes, naming her, or sharing what brought her to the cell might help with that personal connection, at least for me. Very thought provoking and definitely kept my interest.
What I like- Vivid, descriptive and good beginning and ending:)
What I might change - I personally would try dropping some of the adjectives and depend more on your stronger verbs to show the action. I was starting to wade down in all the description and lost some of the story line. You have a powerful vocabulary and sense of setting the scene! Maybe just tighten this up some and give us more of the character.:) Great writing!
I see a lot of symbolic description contained in the imagery. Keep writing, this is on the way to great stuff.
WOW! This is an amazing entry. Very vivid descriptions and feelings, quite a portrayal of emotion and the Cross. Good job.
Powerful descriptive imagery! What a potent piece this is!

One small observation though, your descriptions were so overwhelming that they almost started supplanting Veronica as the focus of the story. Still, this piece is excellent. I wish I could write half as good. You are a blessing!
I saw your note on the board and came to read this story again to give it another opinion. I immediatly remembered reading it and yes- had the same impression. The story got weighted down in too many adjectives and descriptions. Sometimes the reader gives up wading through that part in trying to find the meat of the story. Hope this helps because - yes- you have talent - just need to clarify your content abit more.:)