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This was quite a story to read. I love how you showed the conflict and portrayed Evie's emotions and feelings.
I really like this story. You were able to bring me into the thoughts and emotions of this young rape victim. I love the fact that she was consumed with finding answers in scripture, and that there was a change for the better as a result. Light shone in the darkness! I also love the fact that she was eager to share what she'd learned with her husband. Great story!
A very good story. You definitely showed the progression of her inner thoughts and brought it to a very nice conclusion. Keep writing!
Great title for this story, and you told it very well, doing a marvelous job of accurately portraying her brokenness.

A suggestion: resist the temptation to tie everything up neatly, especially given the word limitation. Your ending seemed rushed, and might have been more effective if you just let your readers peek at her eventual salvation.

Lots of really, really good stuff here.
Great story! I agree that you don't always have to wrap the ending all up, and could end with her headed to get her Bible, but on the other hand, sometimes it's okay to give a complete ending! Good job!
Great take on the police topic. I thought it was good that you showed what had happened to her without reliving every detail. Just enough so that we know. Good job.
Good job!

You do show promise in being able to write about emotionally icky things like that and still keep a good feeling by the end. Wow. I felt for her. So sad.

Keep writing! HUGS. :)
Good job! You let us completely into the girl's thoughts and feelings, then brought hope back into her heart. Great writing!
An unpleasant subject, you did a great job in plumbing the depths of your character's emotions. You took us on an emotional roller coaster without going into gorey details. Well written.
This was very good. A believable account of how a rape victim might feel. Very good word picturing.