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Hilarious! What a fun, witty voice, and a grin in every paragraph. Love it!
Very funny and right on target, especially the part about sitting on the rock making funeral arrangements. So true to life, since some women (and a few men) don't go for hiking.

However, I was a little puzzled over the phrase "seemingly imaginary people". Are they real people she thought were mirages, or did she actually imagine other hikers on the trail?
This was SO fun and enjoyable. Exceptional writing! The only paragraph that didn't seem to flow to me was the second to last - but that just could be me. Keep writing!
Loved the story. Great dialogue! Hope you place.
Very nicely done!
Very enjoyable. I especially liked the conversation. It gave me the impression that all of this actually happened to you. In fact, I didn't even consider it to be fiction until I thought about the possibility at the end. Fun
This is sooo funny,great story! I love the way you made the character come to life right off the page.
I really enjoyed this. I was chickling all the way through. You have a light humorous way of storytelling.
Very cute! Good descriptions- I was there with them.:)
Yes, like the others I grinned and chuckled through the whole thing. Delightful and fun. Excellent writing!
YAY! ALLISON!Way to go!
CONGRATULATIONS! A wonderful story!
OHHH Allison, this is sooo good!!! I loved the creativity, the humor, and the honesty and freshness in which it was delivered. Congratulations on a very well deserved ribbon. I look forward to reading more from you. God Bless.
Congratulations, Allison! Great story! Great job!! Enjoy the limelight! :)
I liked this. Very good imagry. I can so relate to the woman in the story. I get lost so easily. It's comforting to know that gps's don't always work. Good job. Keep writing and sharing.
You have a great gift. This was so enjoyable. Looking forward to more.
Very funny! My husband is a GPS nerd, too, so I could relate! Congratulations!
That was masterfully written. If it wasn't a real life event, then you have an imagination that is hard to match...for that matter, your creativity with phrases is hard to match as well.