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Comments: How to Post Them - What to Say

At you will find thousands of articles, each handcrafted and tentatively placed online. The fear many feel in doing so may be enhanced when they realize individuals can comment on the article. However, many enjoy the benefit of feedback because it allows them to grow as a writer and may provide the affirmation to continue writing. Many of these wordsmiths submit their writing in spite of the potential for negative response.

One of the hallmarks of a good comment is that you try to point out the things you enjoy most or found useful about the article or story before you point out any areas of concern. This is a guideline that bears repeating.

If you've never left a comment for an author it is likely because you didn't know you could or you weren't sure how to do it.

If you are an author that would like additional comments on your article, the use of the Message Board is a great tool to alert other committed writers to the posting of your article. If you've never visited the Message Board before - click here to get started. (

Step # 1 - Sign Up

Accounts through are free of charge. You don't need an account to read the material, but if you want to leave a comment or post your own work, a free account is necessary.

Step # 2 - Read Material

Once you've logged on you have the ability to visit the majority of the areas of FaithWriters. This includes the Weekly Challenge, the Critique Circle Articles as well as the Regular Articles sections.

Step # 3 - Think First

You either liked or didn't like the article you read, but we hope you take the time to think about the response you will give the article or story. There are times members may post a comment they later regret. By thinking through your response it will likely be flavored with grace even if you point out flaws in the article.

Step # 4 - Post a Reply

To the right of the title and author information on any article page you will find a method of responding to the author. For additional tips on critiquing an article click here (

Method for Responding to Writing Challenge Articles

LEAVE COMMENT ON ARTICLE (Dark Green) - This link allows you to develop a response that can be viewed by both the author as well as any other visitor to the page. This link is also the one primarily used by most members. When you click on this link you are directed to a second page were a rectangular field is displayed for you to type a comment. Once complete you simply click the "REVIEW/CRITIQUE ARTICLE" button and your response is immediately posted on the page.

SEND A PRIVATE COMMENT (Light Green) - This link may be as beneficial to the poster as to the individual receiving the comment. It can provide a sense of comfort for the person making the comment, but it may also be valued by the author as a more personal response, which can be left in the center box on the screen. This type of response requires a posting of your email address as well as a security code verification number. This is done to avoid spam and is not meant to intrude on your privacy.

From these pages you can also send an email alert to friends (link in blue) telling them about the article. You can also choose to add the article (link in red) to your own list of favorites for easy future access.

Method for Responding to Individual Member Articles

When you visit a member profile you will have access to all articles uploaded by the FaithWriters member you are viewing. These articles are for your enjoyment as reading material, but many are free-to-use while some may be purchase for publication.

By viewing this category of articles you will find five options listed in a color-coded section near the top of the page.

SEND ARTICLE TO A FRIEND (Blue) - This link allows you to send a link to the article to family and friends who may enjoy it.

LEAVE A COMMENT ON ARTICLE (Blue - highlighted by Yellow) - This is the link that allows you to post a comment viewable by both author and other visitors.

SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE (Light Green) - This link provides a private post viewed only by the author

HIRE THIS WRITER (Dark Green) - Think link allows publishers to interact with the writer. The purpose of this link is to match skilled writers with publishing needs.

ADD TO MY FAVORITES (Red) - This link allows you to add to a list of articles that strike a personal chord.

Method for Responding to Critique Circle Posts

The Critique Circle is the place where authors are asking for the most intense form of critical review and comments. Because this is the case, the article comments are always sent privately and no public viewing of the comments are available.

CRITIQUE THIS PIECE (Yellow oval) - Think link provides the primary means of offering a critique of the writing.

SEND A PRIVATE COMMENT (Green) - This link provides a means of contacting the author through FaithWriters Private Messenger service.

SEND ARTICLE TO A FRIEND (Blue) - This link allows you to send an article link to others who may enjoy the piece.

It is possible that many articles do not receive response from readers simply because the reader is unsure how or even if they can leave a comment. Hopefully by now you realize it is not only possible, but highly valued by fellow writers.

The above steps should be used for the three primary article review sections of the FaithWriters website. You are encouraged to read and comment on articles whenever you visit the site.