ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting in July, the FaithWriters Writing Challenge will have nine topics each quarter, with a one-week break between weeks five and six.

Congratulations to the FaithWriters Writing Challenge entrants whose entries scored the highest in each level over the entire Spring quarter. Be sure to give these entries a read (click on the titles) – you WILL be blessed!

BEGINNERS/INTERMEDIATE: The Final Salute by Robin Newberger (RAIN challenge)

ADVANCED: Daddy by Arlene Baker (QUESTION(S) challenge)

MASTERS: Ginormous Love by Rachel Burkum (IT’S CHILD’S PLAY challenge)

Congratulations to Robin, Arlene, and Rachel! Keep your eyes open for the announcement of the 2019 Best of the Best winners (the highest rated entries for the last four quarters) on July 1.

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