The FaithWriters Writing Challenge is one of the biggest constants, and most well-known parts, of FaithWriters. And, every once in a while, changes need to be made for whatever reason. And this year is one of those times. Two things will be different once the challenge starts up again on Thursday, January 3.  One is logistical, and the other relates to “staffing.”

First, starting with the first topic of 2019, the Challenge will be reduced from four levels to three. The numbers of entries each week, especially in the lower levels, has decreased, to the point where it often isn’t much of a competition. To help remedy that, we are COMBINING LEVELS 1 and 2 (Beginners and Intermediate) into a single Beginners/Intermediate level. Advanced and Masters will not change. To move up to advanced, entrants must place twice (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) in that level or in the Editor’s Choice. Three placements in the Editors Choice moves the Challengeer up to Masters, no matter where they are. More details can be found here and here.

The second change is best shared by FaithWriters’ own beloved Deb Porter:

To my beloved Challengeers, old and new, and to all FaithWriters members.

After almost sixteen wonderful years, my husband and I have experienced some fairly dramatic changes to our circumstances. Unexpected, but God-directed every step of the way. It is this change that has finally led me to make the very hard decision to step back from my role at FaithWriters.

Every step of this new direction in my life has been God-led, and I believe with all my heart that His hand will remain on FaithWriters during this transition too. I leave the Writing Challenge in the very capable hands of longtime FaithWriters member, Joanne Sher.

Due to my new workload (a consequence of those dramatically changed circumstances), I eventually realized that I had to let go of something—either my commitment to publish the Page Turner winners from the last few years, or my longtime commitment to FaithWriters. In the end, God made it clear that I needed to surrender my service to FaithWriters and trust Him to take care of it as it moves forward.

I leave with great love for Mike and Bea Edwards, the owners of FaithWriters, and for all the precious people I’ve been privileged to meet and serve over all these years. I will still be cheering you on as you write for God’s glory, and I will still be around, here and there, helping out when needed. I don’t think I could ever completely close the door on my time with FaithWriters.

God is good. For everything, there is a season. My season with FaithWriters has been a truly delightful and blessed one.

Aspiring writer, I encourage you to sow into your time at FaithWriters. This is your season to grow, and I know there is no better place for a Christian writer to be “seasoned” than right here.

You will always have a very special place in my heart.

Deb Porter

PS: If you would like to know more about the God-directed change that happened in my life, and that of my husband, you can hear about it in my message Living on a Prayer.

Thanks, Deb, for EVERYTHING. I’ve got some gigantic shoes to fill. I know I speak for the entire FaithWriters community when I send you prayers for your transition, and join others in thanksgiving that you will still be around helping out. You have been a HUGE blessing to so many!

The Challenge starts up in just TWO DAYS – jump in!

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