In recent months, some of our members have expressed concern that the Writing Challenge may be losing the strength of its faith-based roots. The Challenge has always encouraged wholesome, clean writing from a Christian worldview, with the understanding that there is room for both Christian writers and writers who are Christian. We still believe that; however, we have listened, prayed, and agreed that it’s time to make a change.

For most of our members, the change to the Challenge will have little to no impact. However, for others, the change may be significant.

From April 5, (the start of the next quarter) the rule regarding Christian content will change to the following:

* * *

Entries may be in any style or genre; however, they MUST communicate some form of Christian message or spiritual truth. This message may be directed to the Christian reader or may be evangelistic in nature. Either is acceptable. In the case of fiction, the message may be subtle or allegorical. In that case, a scripture should be included at the end of the entry in order to highlight the intended message for the reader. If an entry has no apparent Christian message or spiritual truth, it will remain in the list, but will be ineligible for judging.

Please note: Language deemed inappropriate for Christian readers will be removed, even if used in the portrayal of a non-Christian character.

* * *

After over 15 years of the Writing Challenge at FaithWriters, we believe it is time to be more intentional in communicating Christian messages and spiritual truth to our Challenge readers. It can never be a bad thing to glorify God in our writing. However, in saying that, we still want to see creativity at work in the non-fiction, fiction, and poetry submitted to the Challenge.

Jesus was a master storyteller. He was creative in the way he communicated spiritual truths to his listeners. As faith writers, our aim is to do the same thing through our fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. This is the challenge going forward—incorporate a Christian message or spiritual truth into every Challenge entry, while still thinking in creative and fresh ways.

For those who currently submit articles, poems, and fiction without an obvious Christian message or spiritual truth, don’t despair. Our Christian faith embraces every aspect of life. As Jesus showed, spiritual truths can be communicated through everyday things. So you can continue to submit entries that may not have an obvious Christian message, PROVIDED you include a scripture at the end that points the reader to the spiritual truth in your story.  We believe this addition will cause the reader to think beyond the entertainment value of your story and be intentionally directed to the real heart of the message. In saying that, please ensure that the scripture is relevant to the message of the entry.

We hope that you will join with us as we become more intentional in glorifying God and His truth through the Writing Challenge. In every entry, in some way, large or small, let’s unite our creativity to exalt Him and draw every heart to Jesus.

Full submission guidelines HERE.

Challenge main page HERE.

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