Many of you know that FaithWriters has occasionally had server issues, making your challenge and other entries unavailable for a time. Maybe you were looking to access one of your entries, and you couldn’t find or access it – or maybe you didn’t have internet access.

There is now a simple way to have access to all of your articles away from Faithwriters – you can download all of your articles en masse and access them whenever you want. Just log in to FaithWriters, and go to the account page. Just below the “Update and Manage Your Profile” section, you will find a place to click to download all of your articles. Once the dialogue box comes up, choose to download the file – a compressed (zip) file containing your free reprint, challenge, and regular articles each in their own file. Once you have them downloaded, you can save them wherever you want – and you don’t need to worry about losing what you’ve written.

Give it a try!

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