The FaithWriters Writing Challenge has been a mainstay on this site for a VERY long time, making a huge impact on many Christian writers, helping them to improve their writing, learn to write on topic and with a word count limit. A number of past FaithWriters challengeers have gone on to have books published (Jan Ackerson, Teri Wilson, and Lynda Schab come to mind), while many other have had writing (even former challenge pieces) published in anthologies and magazines. It truly is a wonderful place to hone your writing craft and has helped many to become better writers.

But lately, numbers have been down. WAY down. To the point where the continuation of this FaithWriters mainstay is unsure.  If numbers stay down, we don’t know what could happen.

And that is the challenge for the challenge. We need more folks to enter.  Silver members can enter four times over the life of their membership. If you are a gold or platinum member, you can enter any (and every) week. And the topic for this week?


Don’t write about the Writing Challenge itself (we want these entries to be of interest to everyone – not just FaithWriters members) – but who hasn’t experienced a challenge of some kind? Do some brainstorming, get something on paper (between 150 and 750 words), polish it up, and submit it no later than 11am ET THIS Thursday.

I have a confession: I was a serious writing challenge addict several years ago, and gained SO much from entering. But I haven’t entered in more than three years. God willing, that is changing this week. For the first time in a VERY long time, I have the start of an entry that I plan to finish up and enter.

Rise to the challenge WITH me 🙂

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